Civil Litigation

Protecting Your Interests In and Out of Court

Did a vendor breach a contract they have with your Texas business? Are boundary disputes with a neighbor impacting your right to use your property as you see fit? Our civil litigation practice covers most business and real estate difficulties. Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, Albright & Lumpkin will strive to achieve successful results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Business Litigation

When your business is your livelihood, it can have a damaging effect when an employee shares trade secrets with a competitor or one of your partners fails to honor their end of the agreement. When major disputes arise, we will help you protect the business you worked so hard to build. We are proud of our reputation for helping business clients overcome legal challenges by using the highest possible level of advocacy.

Real Estate Litigation

When real estate disputes occur, they can seriously interfere with the way you use your property or prevent key projects from progressing according to schedule. The attorneys at Albright & Lumpkin have years of experience litigating real estate lawsuits, including fraud, breach of contract, title or boundary disputes, deed restriction defense or enforcement, and wrongful foreclosure. We will work diligently to resolve your real estate dispute as efficiently as possible, but won’t hesitate to go to trial if necessary.

Probate Litigation

Our firm represents clients involved in disputes arising during the probate process, such as disagreements over the validity of a Will or administration of a trust, the distribution of the estate’s assets, and the actions of the executor. When probate administration becomes complicated and possibly unethical, we will gladly step in to protect your rights.

Let Us Join Your Team!

When disputes arise, we provide experienced and trusted representation for individuals and businesses of all sizes. If you’ve encountered a problem that has been escalated to court, contact Albright & Lumpkin to get started on your legal strategy.