Real Estate

Advocacy and Representation for Texas Buyers, Sellers, and Property Owners

Are you thinking about buying real property but concerned about whether you have the right zoning for the intended use? Are you a homeowner trying to resolve a boundary issue with your neighbor?

At Albright & Lumpkin, we are seasoned trial attorneys with an in-depth knowledge of Texas real estate law. Our experience and insights enable us to provide skilled and superior representation to residential and business clients who find themselves in a real estate dispute.

Our practice includes transactional and litigation services involving:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements; Leases: We draw up, review, and amend purchase and sale agreements, and leases, for residential and commercial property.
  • Title Transfers and Financing: We also draw up and review deeds to transfer ownership, and financing documents related to loans to acquire property, build improvements, and other purposes. If you are doing the financing and your borrower defaults, we can take you through the default and foreclosure process.
  • Title Disputes: When there are issues with title, such as breaks in the chain of title or invalid liens, it can prevent you from selling or buying the property, we can help you address them and even bring a quiet title action to legally affirm your ownership.
  • Adverse Possession Lawsuits: In Texas, the adverse possession statute can allow someone who has been in possession of land long enough to acquire ownership of it. Regardless of whether you’re the owner of record or an occupant seeking adverse possession, Albright & Lumpkin will help you pursue your claim.
  • Boundary Disputes: Boundary disputes arise for a number of reasons that include a faulty survey, a divider in the wrong location, or property encroachment. Since these situations can devalue your property and even prevent you from selling it, we will work tenaciously to end the case in your favor.

It is important to note that Texas laws tend to be more protective of residential property buyers, making it critical for commercial investors to retain experienced counsel to protect their interests in a transaction or dispute.

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If you are planning to buy real property or are engaged in a real estate dispute in and around League City, Texas, we are here to protect your rights and interests. To reach an experienced real estate attorney, reach out to us soon.